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  1. Doctors prescribe the drug so often because it works against many types of augmentin side effects disease-causing bacteria.

  2. Seek emergency medical attention or call the Poison Help line. Ref Other side effects have rarely included brown, yellow, or gray tooth discoloration, augmentin side effects primarily in pediatric patients. Ramakrishnan K, Scheid DC "Diagnosis and management of acute pyelonephritis in adults." augmentin side effects Am Fam Physician 71 (2005.

  3. The clinical relevance of these findings for augmentin 875 patients with obstructive airway disease who are receiving inhaled albuterol and digoxin on a chronic basis is unclear. Therefore, take it at the same time each day as ntinue to take this augmentin 875 medication until the full prescribed amount is finished, even if symptoms disappear after a few days. It was approved by the FDA as an add-on treatment for patients with epilepsy in 1993.

  4. Antibiotics Classification, the most popular antibiotics classes in today's use are: penicillins macrolides. Avelox, moxifloxacin, is the preferred antibiotic for sinus augmentin for sinus infection infection in this class.

  5. The areas under the serum concentration curves obtained during the first 4 hours after dosing were.6 mcg*h/mL for amoxicillin and.9 mcg*h/mL for clavulanic acid when 5 mL of 250 mg/5 mL suspension of augmentin. Skipping doses or not completing the full course of therapy may: (1) decrease the effectiveness of the immediate treatment, and (2) increase the likelihood that bacteria will develop resistance augmentin side effects and will not be treatable by augmentin or other antibacterial drugs in the future.